BIM for mgmt and construction (draft)

Take Control of Your Projects

Wednesday, September 30 @ 2:00 PM

You’ve probably heard a lot about BIM lately, and if you’re in the construction industry, you might have even thought, “What can BIM do for me?”

BIM is so much more than design, and benefits every phase of the project lifecycle, all the way through construction.

So how exactly does BIM help you in the construction industry? Well, it allows projects to be built virtually before even being constructed, basically eliminating common problems that arise during the construction process.

In just one hour, you’ll get a full overview of how BIM technology can manage the construction process by:

  • Modeling using construction means and methods
  • Extracting accurate quantities
  • Linking the construction schedule to compare the baseline versus actual schedule
  • Monitoring construction process

So if you’re in the construction industry, don’t waste any more time or money with inefficient data and processes – learn how to reduce costs, improve scheduling and increase productivity with BIM!