Fusion 360 Assembly Instruction Drawing

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Create an Assembly Instruction Drawing in Fusion 360

Detail the steps of how an assembly comes together.

Thursday, March 16, 2023 @11:00 AM EST. 

Have you ever used and appreciated the instruction books that come with LEGO? They show all the pieces and how they assemble together to create the final product.

Did you know we can do something similar in Fusion 360? There are tools to create an Assembly Drawing with multiple views, which can detail the steps of how an assembly comes together. In this live Fusion 360 tips and tricks webinar, you'll cover the workflow of creating an assembly instruction drawing of your designs from beginning to end.

You'll learn the overall workflow for creating an assembly instruction by:

  • Creating views
  • Starting at the Animation Workspace
  • Completing and finalizing the Assembly Instruction Drawing

This webinar is for Fusion 360 (or Inventor!) users looking to learn new skills in Fusion 360 and expand their use of the software.