Autodesk Technology for Manufacturing Resilience 

Build Resiliency into your manufacturing business and bring employees back to work safely with Autodesk Advanced collaboration technology.  From preparing your facility for a return to full capacity, to ensuring your supply chain is more resilient, tools and technology are here to help you get more done, faster, from anywhere.

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Prepare Your Manufacturing Facility

As you're facing new challenges like protecting employee safety, maintaining productivity, and keeping your supply chain moving, it's critical to design a return to work plan that is flexible enough to adapt to the transition. Autodesk software can help you evaluate your facility to meet safety requirements, and give your employees the confidence to get back to work.

Stay Productive While Working Remotely

Returning to work will be a different experience for everyone depending on workforce, industry or geography, but one thing that is the same is the need for collaboration, no matter where the rest of your team is. With Autodesk Vault and Fusion Team, you can securely share and access your data, regardless of where you're working, and who you need to share your data with.

Build a More Resilient Supply Chain

Challenges from supply chain disruption will be with us for the foreseeable future. But this disruption can be turned into an opportunity for better supplier management and collaboration - Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle PLM system. With supplier management tools, Fusion Lifecycle helps avoid supplier issues or delays before they happen.