Returning to the workplace during COVID-19

From physical distancing and people movement to safer air quality, Autodesk has the tools, and Synergis the resources, to enable you and your customers solve for the design challenges of COVID-19.  Ensure your projects conform to safety guidelines by utilizing BIM models and analyzing the performance of your building before construction ever begins. 

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Space planning for new health guidelines

As more people return to the workplace, design decisions take on new significance.  Whether you're designing for the safe arrangement of desks, the width or spacing of aisles, or other needs, Dynamo and Generative Design in Autodesk Revit bring informed decision making to design exploration.

Get people moving again with confidence

Health recommendations are changing the way people move inside airports and transit hubs and from their cars to their desks.  Mobility Simulation in Autodesk InfraWorks models people movement, bringing data-driven insights to physical-distancing needs and efficiency of travel.

Design for safer air quality in your project

Indoor air quality and proper ventilation make a significant difference for the safety of employees and customers.  With Autodesk CFD, computational fluid dynamics simulation can be used to identify areas of risk and then explore multiple mitigation strategies for occupant safety.